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Restaurant city (lounge & hollywood) theme

by ThirTeen on Nov.22, 2009, under

I was getting so bored with the under water theme was about to go back to "hibernation" but lounge ar theme came just in time, i bought like mad! now my resto looks much better now.

Right now i already have a louge bar which you can get by leveling up coco colada to max (lvl 10)

It has 9 drinks which when train to the max will unlock special features like extra employee or extra bar seat.

now its hollywood there are quite a few neat items like paparazi, lady cocoa (gaga) britney spearmint (spears) and a beefy bouncer, and they gave out a playfish cash item for free! a tv attach to wall that shows FiFa! I even use the new toilets.
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Waste of time

by ThirTeen on Nov.22, 2009, under

don't highlight this to see what i wrote

Hi, if u see this probably u were curious but now stop reading pls stop i said stop don't continue anymore i don't want to be rude but we are wasting each other time stop reading pls just stop it pls now stop dont read!!!! ok we wasted time u happy now!?
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my online luv (for now)

by ThirTeen on Nov.22, 2009, under

My online life pretty plain and typical, but right now i am in luv with a fb game called Restaurant city. I am still learning a lot of ways to decorate. In fact i am playing right this moment, i am still not sick of it! Anyway if ur wondering why i put "for now" is i always have a different mood u see, today i will play dota, 2moro i will play restaurant city and so on and so on................u get the idea rite?
Anyway its pretty fun and started to have new themes every week . I feel it gives me a challenge to use the items and get a brain blast! and design something stunning! It also has a free gift function !
The pic is @ June13 i have changed it now i will upload it next update . If u have any tips u can just use the comment function and tell me , no prob if u don't like my restaurant tell me what can improve it or what u would like if u were a customer. Please don't laugh @ me k? this is my first blog! XD Thx for reading at all!
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